The Surprises of Pregnancy, Expecting Our First Son and Starting a Family

The Surprises of Pregnancy, Expecting Our First Son and Excitement of Starting a Family!!

Jaggar Parks Brown

Jaggar Parks Brown
Jaggar Parks Brown - 2 Days Old

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Close Call!

Ok, I have no idea what the movie is called but back when I was pregnant I saw the advertisements about a movie where a couple of friends (Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel) were "willed" their late friends' toddler.  They took on the trials of raising a little one and in the short clip it showed an "experienced mother" tending to her little one when she notices that her child has something brown on her hand.  Looking at it, she says, "Is that poop or chocolate?" She then licks the substance and exclaims "Chocolate!"  The horrified "new mom" gasps, "What if that were POOP????"  I am starting with this story because that clip immediately came to mind this last week when Ty & I were out to eat.  Jaggar had been so good throughout dinner and then we could tell (through his grunts and red face) that he had pooped.  So I tried to wrap up my supper before getting him out of his seat to go change him.  As I was trying to entertain him while cramming the last bit of quesadilla that I could down my throat, I noticed something orange on his leg.  I wiped it right up with my finger (as all moms would I assume), took a sniff and almost took a lick (b/c I obviously didn't smell anything foul).  I'm not sure what stopped me from licking it but instead, wiped it on my napkin.  As I went to get him out of his seat I noticed he had definitely blown out of his diaper and it was making a mad dash down his leg.  It had dawned on me he had had carrots earlier in the day (which explains the orange color) and in my mind popped my own little movie "Is that Carrots or Poop??  .... It's Poop!!!"  Thank goodness I did not lick it!  Whew... close call!

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